Tantra Yoga 101 – Principles, Benefits, and Practice

If you are new to tantra yoga, there are a few basic things you should know. We’ve broken the practice down into its Principles, Benefits, and Practice sections. Keep reading to learn more! Until then, enjoy! And remember to set realistic goals! The key to enjoying yoga is to be in the moment and enjoy every breath, not to keep up with others. There are two main types of tantra, white and red. White tantra is for solo meditation while red tantra relates to sex.


The origins of tantra yoga are largely a mystery. What do we know about it? The earliest Tantra practitioners were people of the lower castes who sought to free themselves of religious constrictions, and regarded tantra as necessary for proper connection with the Divine. This practice eventually developed into tantra yoga. In fact, the word tantra is used to describe the whole of the practice, including its teachings, methods, and practices.

According to some scholars, tantra was originating in India around the first millennium ce. The content was recorded in the form of poetic metaphors expressing Divine love and oneness. The texts were intentionally obscure and only accessible to initiates. The teachings were closely guarded and passed down orally from master to disciple after extensive preparation. But despite its ancient history, tantra has not yet been fully understood by the Western world.


The practices of tantra yoga are a blend of yogic techniques and the power of sound. Through this combination, the aspirant learns to master his or her mental processes and transcend the ordinary mind. Mantra Yoga uses the power of sound and mindful repetition to achieve higher levels of consciousness. Tantra Yoga incorporates these practices and aims to provide the aspirant with the most complete experience. This article will explain how these practices can help you achieve enlightenment.

Tantra Yoga practices use the faculties of sight and hearing in combination to achieve an enlightened state. Through these practices, prana is moved throughout the body. Mantras, sounds, and rituals guide prana in reaching the goal. Tantric practitioners use the breath and conscious breathing techniques to move prana and achieve a state of meditative awareness. In addition, they perform sexual union with their spiritual partner in order to attain liberation.


The benefits of tantra yoga range from physical to mental. The postures can lengthen and release your spine, increasing your flexibility. They also cleanse your lymphatic system, improve blood flow, and increase your overall health. The ecstatic dances encourage you to explore your deepest self. Through this process, you can clear your mind of weak points and open up space for your strength. By improving your focus and flexibility, tantra yoga exercises can also help you achieve your dreams.

If you’re interested in learning tantra yoga, it’s important to find a teacher who specializes in the practice. You can also look online for tantra yoga teachers and classes. Many yoga instructors offer online courses that can be practiced from the comfort of your own home. However, you should be aware of the differences between these yoga styles. Some experts recommend waiting until you understand tantra yoga principles before beginning.


If you and your partner want to make your relationship last longer, practice tantra yoga together. This ancient practice helps couples to be more vulnerable to each other, opening them up to intimacy. The process often starts with some basic eye-gazing and hand holding and is designed to make both partners feel more comfortable with each other. The first step in tantra yoga is allowing your partner to see that you are both human and free from judgment and expectations.

When practicing tantra yoga, you will experience long phases of deep relaxation. This true relaxation allows you to connect better with yourself, and new information is stored and transmitted on a cellular level. You can also learn meditation techniques and improve your automatic breathing. This practice also strengthens and tones the muscles of the body. By focusing on the breath, tantra yoga allows you to overcome the mental and emotional obstacles that you may be experiencing.

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